Who we are: Epi-Plage history form 1960 to today.

1960 : This location, created and conceived by Jean Castel and Albert Debarge was in medias front page for 2 seasons. Why? Fun parties where movie, music, political and fashion personalities could be spotted. Why the name « Epi Plage »? Jean Castel has a night club in Paris. Thinking of the late sleeper, he opened a grocery store une Epicerie’. From this idea, he baptized the place Epi Plage. Now the road that takes you to the beach is officially called Route de l’Epi.

1963 : L’Epi becomes the private property of the Debarges.

1971 : L’Epi is bought by Lothar’s the king of the blue tie-died.

1982 : « Madame Lothar’s », Shahla Mauch Deyhim commercializes the hotel Epi-Plage. With her husband, the continue the festivities.

1990 : Hôtel Epi Plage is the first hotel opened all year long..
Through out the last 20 years, Shahla kept the property at high standing and produced events:
Save the planet, environmental friendly and biodegradable.
Creation of the concept art-Hotel with lyric concerts, expositions of painting, sculptures, musical evenings with Chopin, George Sand interpreted by pianist Yves Henry et la superstar Brigitte Fossey with the Organ Donation Group

2008 : Le Professeur Cabrol has a conference of Organ Donation.
Evening of Dance, Music, Poésie, Soufi, Rumi, IRAN.
As well as Tango Argentin & Jazz.

2009 : L’Epi becomes an activist for the children’s right with ASMAE, association de sœur Emmanuelle…  2% of each rooms rented is donated to ASMAE.

2010 : L’Hôtel Epi Plage is awarded the Bio Label, « La Clef Verte ».

2010: Le 7 août Bicentenaire of the Romantics Chopin et Schumann, with pianist Yves Henry.

2010: Le 14 août Bollywood evening to celebrate the 50 years of Epi Plage.

2011 : A new project of Shahla: Opera on place des Lice in St Tropez: free for the public to bring lyrical Art to the general public with the collaboration of the Opera of Toulon and maire of St Tropez.


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